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Mercedes-Benz Challenge

The 6th annual Mercedes-Benz Rush-A-Way Challenge by Gargash Enterprises, was held on Friday the 27th of October 2017 in Dubai, and was yet another fantastic day filled with excitement, adventure and physical competitions.
100 teams of 2-4 members gathered at Gems Wellington Academy to participate in an array of challenges that tested their mental, fitness and teamwork abilities in their attempt to win the grand prize: a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 Coupé. The challenge was based on 7 pit-stops, each with its own challenge, whereby the contestants scored points for finishing off tasks assigned at each pit-stop.

Team Rad Squat completed the challenge with 4,635 points to win and walk away with the grand prize. “We loved every minute of the Mercedes-Benz Challenge as it tested our physical and mental fortitude, as well as our abilities to work together effectively as a team. We can’t wait to take the GLC Coupe for a celebratory spin,” team Rad Squat said of the win.

Ivo Kapitzki, the General Manager of the Passenger Cars Division in Gargash Enterprises, commented: “The annual challenge has always been about promoting fun and fitness and the 2017 edition was another excellent and successful event. Congratulations to our winners team Rad Squat on their well-deserved win – we hope they enjoy their brand new GLC 250 Coupé experience. We would also like to thank the Dubai Sports Council for their support to make this year’s event one of our best yet.”

The Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 Coupé combines the spirit of a coupé with the power of an SUV for a uniquely unbeatable ride. With DYNAMIC SELECT and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive with 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, it is among the sportiest of the Mercedes- Benz SUVs.

its flowing lines and a large, one-piece console panel which makes an elegant sweep below the semi-integrated media display from the centre air vents to the armrest. These clear lines give a feeling of spaciousness while conveying a puristic modernity.

The striking features of the front end are its dominant, steeply raked diamond radiator grille with single louvre and integral star, short overhang and SUV-inspired override guard. The innovative headlamp concept, optionally in LED High Performance technology, sports the now characteristic Mercedes-Benz light signature.

Combining effortless comfort with sport agility, the distinct design and dynamism enriched with high safety and state-of-the-art assistance systems, the GLC Coupé is ready for any challenge that comes its way.

Service Week 2017: Delivering superior services beyond sales

Gargash Enterprises hosted a week-long special Service Week Event at Dubai Festival City, from November 5th to 11th, providing complimentary car-check to valued Mercedes-Benz customers. Free vehicle health check, discounted rates, special giveaways and a host of promotional services, was indeed a reminder that our value for customers continues beyond sale.
Services provided involved extensive personalized support with the most professional and technically approved practices by expert technicians. Comprehensive health check facilities included servicing tyres and breaks, oil change and visual check for the finest performance.
Gargash Enterprises wished to bring realization of the difference, genuine service and parts can bring to increasing the lifespan of the vehicles and to make sure customers enjoyed optimum performance of the Mercedes-Benz brand.
Strategically choosing Dubai Festival City as the venue, Gargash Enterprises added to the exclusivity of the event with a Test-drive activity that gave guests an experience of a wide range of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Service Week 2016: Delivering superior services beyond sale

In its commitment to providing uncompromising customer satisfaction, Gargash Enterprises has once again offered a week of complimentary car checks from our team of experts and skilled technicians. This year’s Service Week was held at Dubai Festival City’s 8F Parking Area on the days of November 13 – 19, 2016.

While their cars received complimentary check-ups, Mercedes-Benz owners and guests were given a chance to check out the CLA 250, C 200, E 300 and S 400 that were on full display. To take the experience a step further, guests were provided with test drives on a wide range of vehicles and were offered as much as 30% discount on Mercedes-Benz accessories.

Gargash Enterprises witnessed a successful turnout as 392 health checks and 114 test drives were conducted and an impressive 12 new cars were sold during the event. The Service Week is just another extremely successful initiatives from Mercedes-Benz developed for customers as part of the brand’s rigorous prioritization of safety, quality, and commitment.

Style on and off the ramp at the Fashion Forward Dubai.

Gargash Enterprises proudly participated in one of the most influential, and sought-after fashion events – Fashion Forward Dubai, which was held from the 23rd to the 25th of March 2017, at Hai D3, Dubai Design District. Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) is the definitive fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East, providing development, exposure and a progressive direction for the regional fashion industry.

Where unique designer collections made an impressive mark on the ramp, while the G 500 4×4² shinning brilliantly, was the showstopper off the ramp. As the official automotive sponsor of the event, Gargash Enterprises arranged the versatile Mercedes-Benz V-Class for the comfortable two-way conveyance of VIP guests. Considering the splendour and elegance of Mercedes-Benz, it was natural for the brand to heighten the style quotient at this exclusive event.

The G-Class vs The Iron Schöckl, at Dubai Kite Beach.

For the first time in the Middle East, the legendary G-Class conquered the “Iron Schöckl”, a man-made iron mountain designed to test the power of this legendary off-roader. A one-of-a-kind full day event was hosted at a popular hangout in Dubai, ‘The Kite Beach’ from the 19th to the 21st of January this year.

Introducing the man-made ‘Iron Mountain’, the event took the crowd by storm with an activity beyond imagination. The immense man-made iron structure was built to replicate a mountain near the Graz plant in Austria where the G-Class is tested all year round and it is believed to provide one of the most extreme tests possible. Undoubtedly, all those who were out for a swim that day were in for an extreme adventure with the ground-breaking engineering of the G-Class.

More than 1,000 visitors had the chance to take a climb up the “Iron Schöckl” experiencing a 45 degree descent back down to earth in the G-Class and discovered what it’s like to drive a 4×4 vehicle 10 meters up into the air. Pausing for a brief heart-stopping moment at the highest point of a movable platform that teeters downward, participants could witness why the G-Class is and has always been the vehicle of choice on and off the road.

Dubai International Boat Show

Gargash Enterprises has had an impressively long and honored relationship with The Dubai International Boat Show for the past 6 years, and takes great pride in being its official automotive sponsor. With an array of spectacular Mercedes- Benz saloons, SUVs, cabriolet and AMG models, we stood apart at the event which was held at Dubai Marine Club, Mina Seyahi, Dubai. The 25th edition of the event boasted yachts, equipment and supplies from both local and international builders together with the latest innovations in marine industry. To make it more special, we ran a Facebook contest and 5 lucky winners won an exclusive chauffeured ride in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to the venue along with access to a luxury yacht for a day.

Gargash continues the rich tradition of supporting the region’s premier golfing event

In celebration of its long standing partnership with the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, Gargash Enterprises has sponsored the season finale of the Ladies European Tour last December 7th to 10th 2016.

Always on par with a perfect VIP experience, Gargash Enterprises, in collaboration with Sixt, provided a fleet of chauffeured selection of Mercedes-Benz SUV for the competitors and special guests of the tournament. Guests continued the experience with a perfect view from the Mercedes-Benz Chalet. Meanwhile in the competition’s village area, the Mercedes-Benz stand brought all visitors up close with the GLE 400 and GLC 250 on display. Another tournament, another win for Gargash Enterprises.

Gargash Enterprises glorifies the Arab Fashion Week.

Gargash Enterprises, in its endeavor to stay true to its affluence, became a part of one of the most influential and sought-after fashion weeks on the global fashion calendar – Arab Fashion Week, 2016. Being the official automotive sponsor of the event, Gargash Enterprises presented the dynamically designed CLA 250 as the showstopper off the ramp. The magnificent Mercedes-Benz GLE and elegant S-Class were operated for the comfortable two-way conveyance of VIP guests. Where the collections were a class apart, arriving in style was natural for Mercedes-Benz.

An exclusive driving experience at the Gargash SUV Discover event in RAK

An exhilarating 2 day trip organized by the authorised distributor witnessed the awe-inspiring power-packed performance of the Mercedes-Benz SUV range. The thrilling event was dedicated to discover the versatility and dynamism of the Mercedes-Benz SUV range through the unequalled flagship 7-seater GL-Class, the dominant M-Class, the versatile GLK-Class and the legendary G-Class.

Starting at Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai, selective customers drove to the exquisite Waldrof Astoria hotel, RAK in the unparalleled SUV lineage where they were given a brief presentation of the event. On day 2, the team drove down to the Autodrome at Umm-Al-Quwain for drag racing followed by a drive to the Banyan Tree Al Wadi to experience the Arabian wildlife within the nature reserves. Participants experienced 30 minutes of off-road driving, testing the SUV legacy of ground-breaking safety and earth-embracing performance. Post the thrilling driving experience; Customers were served a scrumptious dinner at the closing ceremony, marking the end of an adrenaline-charged event.

Highlighting the versatility of Mercedes-Benz SUV’s, Discover 2014 was certainly an event filled with thrill, luxury and power fulfilling the demands of the new generation matching the brand claim – The best or nothing!

Gargash Enterprsies: the official car partner of Al Ahli club

Gargash Enterprises announced a 3-year partnership with the leading football club, Al Ahli Club (A.C), declaring Mercedes-Benz as its official car. With its rich history of victory in football since 1970, Al Ahli Club (A.C) has taken a step to prove that a close bond with the right partner can bring together great intentions that forge the road ahead for the progress and purpose of the local community.

Mercedes-Benz and football have a long history. The company’s passion for perfection transcends the professional environment, as partners of The German Football Association. Gargash Enterprises carries forward this passion regionally, to support the local football club in Dubai, thus supporting the local sports enthusiasts and talent with a progressive step forward

This strategic alliance will make 40 Mercedes-Benz cars, inclusive of many of the latest saloon & SUV models, accessible to Al Ahli Club’s many players and staff. With this partnership, Al Ahli Club players, who were also the winners of the President’s Cup 2013, will enjoy the Mercedes-Benz legacy of the best or nothing.

Behind this partnership are great intentions to promote and support local football talent and encourage them to strive harder to achieve the goals of the club, the nation and ultimately their personal advancement. Since Al Ahli Club is a club that holds consistent success over the years, it will now provide it’s players and staff with luxurious precision in driving standards, thus imprinting a powerful and robust image. That combined with Gargash Enterprises’ drive for excellence in service and perfection, make this partnership the perfect combination.

Both Gargash Enterprises and Al Ahli Club are looking forward to the long term nature of this partnership agreement as it supports the very nation’s growth that has provided the platform for amazing success to both businesses, thus making them proud to stand together on a platform of sustainable performance to encourage and support young players.

AMG drag race

Power and passion redefined at AMG Drag Race 2016

Dubai Autodrome, yet again, observed an extravagant display of passion for wheels at the AMG DRAG RACE hosted on 15 April, 2016 by Gargash Enterprises. All the racing enthusiasts came together to witness moments that vouched for the spirit of exclusively designed AMG cars. All the participants experienced thrilling action, challenging turns, and neck and neck competition. Every AMG on the racing track exuded zeal and delivered a spell-binding performance, living up to the standards of Merced-AMG. Amazingly-sporty ‘C 63 AMG’ secured the 1st position in the rear wheel drive category, extra-swift ‘E 63 AMG’ outshined others in the 4MATIC category, and ‘C 63 S AMG’ won the handling category hands down. All said and done, AMG DRAG Race sported magnificence at its best.

AMG enthusiast in Dubai experienced the thrill and excitement with the one of its kind first AMG Drag Race exclusively organized by Gargash Enterprises in 2012 at the Dubai Autodrome. Specially modified AMG cars hit the speed track with adrenaline, competing for the podium.

Fast cars burning rubber on the quarter mile; that is what the AMG drag race is all about. Gargash Enterprises aims to continue this popular trend where Mercedes-AMG enthusiasts are provided with a platform in which they can showcase their cars. The participants get to enjoy a great evening in drag racing that sees a furious feast of smoke and bliss all the way to the finish line.