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UAE Down Syndrome Children meet Mercedes F1 driver at Yas Marina

Gargash Enterprises, in collaboration with Daimler Middle East & Levant & Group 32, organized a special trip for the children of UAE Down Syndrome Association (DSA) to the F1 circuit at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi on 20th November 2014. Adding delight to the children’s day was, top Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 racer, Nico Rosberg who accompanied them on a tour around the circuit.

The children were taken to pitstops to discover the various race cars that are driven by the F1 champions. Witnessing high speed cornering and the most legendary bends on the best track in the region was an overwhelming experience for the Down syndrome children. One they will cherish for life.

“Gargash Enterprises is determined to assist UAE DSA with increasing awareness among the community and brightening the lives of these children. We hope to bring about a difference and educate the society that it is not a disorder; it is a situation that demands more affection. With our integrity and passion for the community we hope to help promote acceptance and understanding of Down syndrome in the UAE”, said Mr. Karl Johan Sandesjo, General Manager – Gargash Enterprises.

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition whereby a person is born with three copies of chromosome 21 versus two. The average IQ of a young adult with Down syndrome is 50, equivalent to the mental age of an 8 or 9 year old child, but this varies widely. Down syndrome children are educated in typical school classes, while others require more specialized education. UAE DSA is a non-profit organization that aims at improving quality of life for people with Down syndrome.

Gargash Enterprises being an ardent supporter of UAEDSA has been actively involved in carrying out various activities and events for the development of the children of this association. Driving the children down to the legendary parade in Mercedes-Benz cars, taking them for a chauffeur drive tour to major attractions in Dubai, giving them a chance to witness the famous F1 race at Yas Marina; all these activities were carried out in an effort to promote their acceptance in the society. Gargash Enterprises envisions many such inspiring events for the future as well, that will help raise awareness about Down syndrome and encourage society to see beyond its limitations.