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High horsepower at the 3rd AMG Drag Race

27th April 2013 saw a number of Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles out in force at the Dubai Autodrome for the 3rd AMG Drag Race. With Continental Tyres as a partner for the event, an impressive number of people participated in the event and made it a huge success. High speed and ground shaking sounds seemed to be the order for the day as 35 racers showcased a range of high performance models, ranging from ML 63s to CLS 63s. All AMG owners in the Emirates were invited to register by race organisers- Gargash Enterprises.

Played out over the course of a quarter-mile drag race, the drama was unsurprising.Mohammed Saif won the race for the second time, taking home a brand new set of Continental Tyres in the process. Racing a Mercedes CLS 63, Mohammed saw off challenges from 34 other entrants who had gathered to pit their cars against each other.

Ultimately, Mohammed won the day while Ahmed bin Khadyah came in second in his modified ML 63 and took home the runners up prize.

The day was about enjoying the full performance potential of Mercedes-Benz AMG in a safe environment. It saw participation from members of ‘Group 63’ and Gargash Enterprises customers. With more than 75 guests attending the event, it proved to be the perfect finish for the Gargash Enterprises Service Week.

The AMG Drag Race started off in April 2012 and was deemed a huge success. With 25 cars participating, the event had the crowd on its feet, and even had the other car drivers and teams lining the barriers to watch. Gargash Enterprises aims to continue this trend with two AMG drag races every year where Mercedes-Benz AMG enthusiasts can showcase their cars.

All in all, it was a great weekend for drag racing, which saw a furious feast of smoke and bliss by skilled automotive enthusiasts all the way to the finish line.