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Gargash Enterprises marks record sales growth of 20% in 2013

2013 – A new record year for Gargash Enterprises and Mercedes Benz in Dubai and Northern Emirates. In 2013, Gargash Enterprises reached its goal, selling almost 6,000 Mercedes Benz cars and marking a sales growth of 20%. Rising from about 5,000 Mercedes Benz cars sold in 2012, this reinstates the number one position of Gargash Enterprises in the premium car segment in this market.

This achievement has been unlocked thanks to the hike of 45% in the SUV sales this year. The strong Mercedes Benz SUV line consists of the powerful GL 500, the elegant ML range and the sportier 5-seater GLK. The launch of the new S-Class and the E-Class Facelift further contributed to the sales volumes in the third and fourth quarter of 2013. The sales of AMG cars, the company’s high performance vehicle line up, have seen an increase of 60%. The AMG share of total sales represents 14%, driven mainly by the success of the G63 & G65 in the Dubai market.

In November 2013, Gargash Enterprises launched the complimentary 3-years Integrated Service Package across a wide range of Mercedes-Benz models at the Dubai International Motor Show, having a positive impact on the figures. This program entitles Mercedes-Benz customers for a complimentary service for 3 years or 45,000 kms, whichever comes first.

In addition, customers are granted the option of extending the warranty up to 5 years or 105,000 kms at a minimal additional cost, with the new Gargash extended warranty program.

Along with the ISP, Gargash Enterprises continued to run the Star Programme, where customers enjoy attractive low monthly payments over a period of 24 months with automotive financial solutions. This special finance programme has resulted in maximizing volume especially on the C-Class & E-Class model line-up.

“2013 has been the best year ever and we expect 2014 to exceed all our previous sales records. We’ll be launching exciting new models that will help us surge ahead in the coming year. Having surpassed way past our targets in 2013, it is re-establishing the fact that our sales and service strategy is on the right track and we anticipate a successful 2014.” commented Karl-Johan Sandesjo, General Manager, Gargash Enterprises.