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Gargash Enterprises celebrates the appearance of the new S-Class

The new generation S-Class was unveiled on July 24that Gargash Enterprises Sheikh Zayed Road showroom. This new born S-Class generation comforts Gargash Enterprises in its expectations to see continuous momentum in the year ahead. Conveying a feeling of elegance and sophistication, the new S-Class accomplishes an extremely modern look and offers a considerably improved design. For the first time in the history of the car, Mercedes-Benz put all its concentration and dedication on the development of the long-wheelbase saloon. In a change from the preceding approach, the version with a standard wheelbase was a resultant of this.

With a powerful twin-turbo V8 that produces 455 hp and a torque of 700 Nm, the enormous interest that customers worldwide are already showing in the car, will lead the youngest version of the series to the highest levels of success. Since the launch of the 220 model in 1999 that set the bar for the S-Class model series, Mercedes-Benz has delivered more than 3.5 million of these vehicles globally. Furthermore, over 500,000 units from the last S-Class model series have been delivered to customers worldwide since its launch in September 2005, which means that this S-Class sold even better than the ones prior to its generation.

“One mustn’t forget how the S-Class has changed automotive development immensely. It has enhanced and added an essence of magnificent luxury to Mercedes-Benz, as it has done for many years. This fact backs up why the series, the S-Class, is the world’s best-selling luxury vehicle,” emphasized Mr. Wassim Derbi, Marketing Manager of Gargash Enterprises. “There are more than 64,000 V220 and V221 models sold in the Middle East region alone.” he added.

But the model isn’t only about the design; it’s also about the assistance of technology, for it wouldn’t exist without innovation. This new version embodies enhanced features from the previous models. The reason behind the new features is to boost comfort and safety in the rear of the vehicle – in the S-Class, passengers seated in the rear are absolutely sitting in the same quality seats as those in the front.

Mercedes-Benz gathered all these safety features together under the name of Intelligent Drive. DISTRONIC PLUS is a new-born with the best quality of comfort and safety. The real meaning of this can be simply related to our senses: the new S-Class recognizes its surroundings, while also being enriched with what we’d like to call a “sixth-sense”. While driving, the S-Class takes care of the driver and of the others. PRE-SAFE has two different focuses: pedestrian detection and the plus feature, which protects the customer in the event of a rear-end collision.

Additionally, in order to enhance safety, ACTIVE LANE KEEPING ASSIST monitors the area in front of the vehicle. It helps prevent the car from leaving the lane unintentionally. BAS PLUS with cross traffic assist contains bits and pieces of these features: DISTRONIC PLUS, PRE-SAFE PLUS and pedestrian detection. It reduces the severity of accidents with the stereo camera that it uses to monitor the area in front of the vehicle.

In addition to all these functionalities, the latest version of the S-500 finally introduces the MAGIC BODY CONTROL. A stereo camera will monitor and analyze the road ahead so it can then prepare the suspension for bumps and imperfections.

The new S-Class not only does provide the driver with a full range of assistance features that will predict its experience, but it also results in extremely driving comfort.