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Al Ahli Club declares Mercedes-Benz as its official car.

Gargash Enterprises is pleased to announce a 3-year partnership with the leading football club, Al Ahli Club (A.C), to declare Mercedes-Benz as its official car. With its rich history of victory in football since 1970, Al Ahli Club (A.C) has taken a step to prove that a close bond with the right partner can bring together an alignment of great intentions to forge the road ahead for the progress and purpose of the local community.

Mercedes-Benz and football have a long history. The company’s passion for perfection transcends the professional environment, as partners of The German Football Association. Gargash Enterprises carries forward this passion regionally, to support the local football club in Dubai, thus supporting the local sports enthusiasts and talent with a progressive step forward.

This strategic alliance will make 40 Mercedes-Benz cars, inclusive of many of the latest saloon & SUV models, accessible to Al Ahli Club’s many players and staff. With this partnership, Al Ahli Club players, who were also the winners of the President’s Cup 2013, will enjoy the Mercedes-Benz legacy of the best or nothing.

Al Ahli Club CEO, Ahmed Khalifa Hamad stated ‘Gargash Enterprises and the Mercedes-Benz brand is a wonderful association to have at the club, with Gargash having strong local roots plus the global dominance of Mercedes-Benz mirrors the club values of staying strong to its community and heritage whilst building the brand at a global level.’

“We are tremendously excited about this relationship as it will help in building a strong bond between two great local associations, along with providing a leading football club in the UAE with a luxurious car that can carry its prominently successful image along. In our national teams, we attach a great deal of importance to team spirit and mutual respect and this partnership is based on the same foundation.” – stated Shehab Gargash, Board Member of Gargash Enterprises.

Behind this partnership are great intentions to promote and support local football talent and encourage them to strive harder to achieve the goals of the club, the nation and ultimately their personal advancement. Since Al Ahli Club is a club that holds consistent success over the years, it will now provide it’s players and staff with luxurious precision in driving standards, thus imprinting a powerful and robust image. That combined with Gargash Enterprises’ drive for excellence in service and perfection, make this partnership the perfect combination.

“At Gargash Enterprises, we are always futuristic in our approach to business and believe in the advancement of the future generations. So we don’t perceive this only as a partnership, but as an opportunity to showcase our local sports talent in the best cars. This is our way of encouraging and supporting our young players.” Added Shehab Gargash.

Both Gargash Enterprises and Al Ahli Club are looking forward to the long term nature of this partnership agreement as it supports the very nation’s growth that has provided the platform for amazing success to both businesses, thus making them proud to stand together on a platform of Sustainable Performance.